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ServicesDesigner | Development | Storage | Maintenance
ClientHungarian Society of Film and Video Editors


The Hungarian Society of Film and Video Editors (HSE) is the highest ranked independent, self-managing forum for editors and editor assistants working in the motion picture and television industries as well as in the new media.

We were responsible for creating the personal professional data sheets of the members of the society. Since the editors regularly work in international productions, it was important that information is readily available in foreign language as well.

Functional requirements: IMDb integration, continuous synchronising, automating complex data requests, up-to-date and internationally accessible interface.
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CMSWordPress – custom development
Duration2 months


During our research, it had turned out the IMDb database does not have an official API. Through precise testing, we have mapped several paid service providers to find an access that adequately covers (mirrors) the IMDb database. In order to efficiently load data (avoiding constant real-time API requests), information obtained during updates is written to a separate JSON file. This way, the web page displaying hundreds of movie listings remains extremely fast.

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