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ServicesDesigner | Development | Storage | Maintenance
ClientLiget könyvek


We were responsible for modernising and redesigning the online bookshop based on consumer habits.

Functional requirements: intelligent shopping basket feature, compact check-out page, stock management, customised filtering and search engine solutions, newsletter management, integrated card payment option, management of shipping options, automatic billing.
webaruhaz fejlesztes 3
webaruhaz fejlesztes


CMSWordPress custom development + WooCommerce
Duration2 months


The template purchased by konyv.ligetmuhely.hu had not run fast enough nor had it allowed for performing the required administrative responsibilities adequately. Updating the template would have posed plenty of risk, and integrating card payment on such conditions would also have been unsafe.

For a more dynamic appearance, we have based the coding on new foundations. By keeping client requirements in mind, we have developed a custom WooCommerce theme to improve shopping experience as well as the layout and safety of the online store. The well thought-out front- and back-end interfaces, the customised shopping basket feature and the compact check-out page combined now provide a solid foundation for the smooth functioning of the web shop.

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