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For more than 5 years, we have been dedicated to developing WordPress websites during which we have successfully and effectively solved many problems. We take pride in having satisfied clients and gaining new partners via their referrals.

Yes, if only front-end development is required. We can manage graphic design and sitebuild, but prefer WordPress based custom development.

As always, we strive to fully understand our clients’ needs so as to implement the most effective solution possible. For this reason, we provide you with a personalised quote once we have understood your needs through a process of consulting.

Web Shop

Yes. Existing web shops often require this type of data transfer to a new environment. In case of newly launched web shops, we recommend that the product data is prepared in Excel.

Initially, we did OTP SimplePay integrations. We currently use and recommend Paylike card payment as it is quick to integrate and does not require months to enter into a contract.

We have integrated the following shipping methods: Pick Pack Pont, Posta Pont, Fox Post.

Storage Service

Throughout our past developments, we have measured the stability of the web pages, taking into account a number of factors, and this experience now allows us to provide our existing and future clients with a custom, high-quality server environment optimised for WordPress.

Absolutely, we have never had any our web pages hacked into that is – of course – based on several factors. Should there still be a problem, our daily backups ensure that your data is always safely stored on our servers. Also, we pay special attention to protecting sensitive data during development.


Depending on the complexity of the website, we provide a customised quote that also recommends the frequency of maintenance necessary for the safe and secure functioning of the web page. Maintenance may be recommended on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or even yearly basis.

Of course not, but it is highly recommended. It is extremely rare when the maintenance of a website can be completely neglected. In most cases, attackers find security gaps on neglected web pages. Therefore, adequate protection can only be guaranteed by constant attention.

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