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ServicesDesigner | Development | Storage | Maintenance
ClientMOM Kulturális Központ Nonprofit Kft.


We were responsible for integrating the programs of MOMkult with those of cultural institutes related to it by creating a system consisting of 8 different websites that are connected via one special webpage [12program.hu]. For all websites, the client required separate images and admin interfaces.

Functional requirements: complex event management; event categorisation, filtering and search engine; calendar management; breakdown of recurring events into days; support for ticket purchase.
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CMSWordPress – custom development
Duration4 months


For establishing communication between the websites, we have used the WordPress REST API. Several functional requirements related to events have been fulfilled: among other things, we have developed a customised calendar feature that can be seen on the 12.program.hu website in operation.

The following websites have been developed as part of the project: 12program.hu | momkult.hu | barabasvilla.hu | lovasut.hu | hegyvidekgaleria.hu | kulturalisszalon.hu | hegyvidekiprogram.hu | helytortenetiprogram.hu

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